Blade 180 CFX


The Blade 180 CFX is an intermediate to advanced micro helicopter.  The Blade 180 CFX represents a giant leap forward in micro helicopters.  Unlike previous offerings in the class, the 180 CFX offers high performance features typically found on larger helicopters.

The speed control is a full-featured Castle Creations Talon 15.  This speed control features a strong BEC circuit to meet the demands of the receiver and servos during hard aerobatic flight.  From the factory, the Talon 15 is configured to use electronic head speed governor mode.  The factor head speed settings are 4200, 4500, and 5000 RPM.  The 180 CFX is the first Blade helicopter to feature governor mode right out of the box, and there are some things pilots should be aware of.

First, the radio programming is different for governor mode.  Straight throttle curves of 25%, 75%, and 100% are called for in Normal, Idle Up 1, and Idle Up 2 respectively.  The speed control selects one of the pre-programmed head speeds based on which of these throttle values are sent by the receiver.  In other words, the throttle stick is not controlling the throttle directly, but rather is telling the speed control which head speed to run.  The speed control will raise and lower the power to the motor to maintain the selected RPM automatically as the pitch load on the rotor changes during flight maneuvers.

Second, Normal mode should be used for takeoff and landing only, with flight being performed in Idle Up 1 or Idle Up 2.  Reducing the throttle too low in Normal mode can result in motor stoppage and because of the soft start feature in the speed control,  the motor may not spin back up rapidly enough to avoid a crash.

The benefit of governor mode is substantial, with maximum efficiency combined with a steady head speed for consistent performance from start to finish.  As the flight battery gets lower, the head speed remains constant, which translates to a constant control feel.

Also new in the 180CFX is an improved flybarless system incorporated into the receiver.  This new system provides stabilization equivalent to the larger blade helicopters.  And for the first time in a micro sized helicopter, it provides pirouette compensation!

As demonstrated in the video below, the 180 CFX has all the power needed for high energy aerobatics!