Getting started in RC Helicopters

Radio control helicopters are very exciting models to fly.  But they are also very challenging.  Through years of helping new helicopter pilots learn to fly, we have found what works and what does not.  Along the way, technology has provided some new and very effective tools for getting new pilots into the air successfully.


Today, we recommend the Blade 120s for new pilots just starting out.  The Blade 120s is a stable, easy to fly helicopter that will teach a new pilot the basics of orientation and forward and backward flight.  The Blade 120s features the same kind of SAFE technology used in the fixed-wing Sport Cub s.  With this technology, the helicopter will automatically return to a level attitude when the pilot releases the controls.  The SAFE technology also limits the amount of pitch and roll movement, which helps new pilots stay in control.  A panic feature will also return the helicopter to level with the press of a button.

The Blade 120s requires no assembly, as it comes ready to fly (or ready to bind to a Spektrum transmitter if you already own one).  The helicopter is lightweight, and flies on an economical single cell lithium polymer battery.  The ready-to-fly package costs around $150, making it an inexpensive way to venture into rotary wing flight.

Later, after the pilot has mastered the basics of helicopter flight, we recommend progressing to the Blade 230s, a collective pitch helicopter with SAFE that will allow the pilot to continue the journey to inverted flight, flips, rolls, and other helicopter aerobatics.