About Us

The concept is that the radio controlled hobby is one that can be enjoyed by all, particularly with the technological breakthroughs in electronics, super-quiet electric motors and the dependable batteries that power them. But no matter what your taste or your budget, I’m confident I can get you something you’ll enjoy – from basic cars on through high performance aircraft and helicopters. 

The key to enjoying the RC sport is finding a mentor/hobby shop that will remain realistic and not encourage novices to purchase units that are not suited to their current ability level. We make it a point to take the time to screen all of our newbies; this helps me match you to a product you will immediately enjoy! We take it one step further by making first flight buddy- boxing an available service with the purchase of most any aircraft or helicopter. 

I do this because my goal is not to just sell the product but to see you succeed. When done properly, the moderately costly accidents drop to a point where the hobby can become quite affordable. 

Modern technology has increased performance and reliability to astounding levels, while at the same time dropping prices drastically! You can, of course, purchase an expensive and exotic RC unit from us at any time, but we strongly recommend that those should not be the units that you begin your RC experience with. 

To parents, please consider the benefits of exposing your children to the RC sport because it has many hidden benefits. Children involved in RC will quickly develop applied mechanical skills, hand-to-eye coordination, and a potential interest in a career in technology. On top of that, the RC hobby allows for some physical exercise and the desire to go outside, the improvement of social skills and a host of other valuable benefits. These, and more, are the reasons to bring the kids to Micro RC Zone! 

Feel free to stop in and see me; I’ll show you some of the amazing stuff I’m talking about. It doesn’t cost anything to stop in at our store and look around. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by what is available, the costs involved and the potential benefits of getting you, your children, and your friends into the RC world with its new technology!